Jan was born in the suburbs from
Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
Having studied digital filmmaking
and VFX, he graduated with a
Bachelor of arts and embarked on
his filmmaking endeavors.

Despite his young age Jan delivers
greatly composed shots with a
stunning visual approach that has
intrigued many clients such as:
Audi, Samsung, Adidas, Škoda,
Suisse Air, Opel, Mastercard, Fielmann
and the German Telekom to name a few.

Parallel to his camera skills he is
also a gifted editor, supporting him
in his dynamic way of storytelling.
Have a look at his vimeo staff pick or
watch his work on Youtube, more than
20 million clicks can’t be wrong.


Jan Stollberg
Reinhardswaldweg 3a
64546 Walldorf


 +49 (0) 151 405 286 01